Culinary Heritage of the Czech Lands

The aim of the project is documentation, research, presentation and education of the values of historical regional and local culinary heritage of the Czech Lands reflecting the elements of national and cultural identity that is threatened in the natural environment by the influence of globalisation and cultural transfer resulting from the modern lifestyle; further aims include creation of prerequisites for identification of traditional regional dishes and drinks, and their application in contemporary practice and recognition on the basis of regional/national products. Based on the applied research, a methodology of documentation of culinary heritage in the Czech Lands will be created as well as professional publications; a wide range of educational outputs will be prepared with the aim to deepen the knowledge of users and to create a positive relation to place, region and past: a specialised map presenting selected aspects of the development of catering, beverage culture and gastronomy on the background of cultural-historical regions, ethnographic areas and administrative units of the Czech Republic; specialised exhibitions with critical catalogues; educational audio-visual outputs, a conference and workshops. Analytical research and development, experimental and educational workshops will: verify possibilities of implementation of the original recipes and methods of preparation in contemporary regional practice with the aim of their preservation as cultural values; strengthen education of students, general public and professionals concerning culinary heritage with the aim of culinary tradition perception, development of national gastronomy and tourism. To secure the aims, interdisciplinary focused documentation of culinary heritage of historical lands (Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia) as well as its contemporary presentation by means of specialised as well as professional activities will be carried out.

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