Tasting workshops and exams of assessors


Výzkumný ústav pivovarský a sladařský (RIBM) is an expert institution in the field of sensory evaluation of beer and organizes tasting workshops and exams of assessors.

Both the tests and the seminars are based on the Czech standard ČSN ISO 8586 „Sensory analysis – general guidance for selection, training and monitoring of assessors“ and on the chapter „Sensory analysis: selection and training of assessors“ of EBC analysis guidelines.

The courses and workshops are intended for workers in the brewing industry and in food quality control, and for university researchers but are accessible also to interested laymen.

The courses, workshops and exams take place in Brewing Institute: Lípová  15,  120 00 Prague 2.
The number of participants in the workshop is limited up to 12 people.
The workshops are held in Czech.
The terms of the workshops or exams depend on the number of applicants and are announced 3 weeks in advance (at least) and you can find them in the News section.


RNDr. Tomáš Vrzal, Ph.D.
 +420 771 282 877


Bc. Eva Kormošová
+420 224 900 151