Contract research

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Contract research means scientific research expertise, support and services provided to client companies on the basis of a project or contract. All services are carried out in accordance with the provision 2.2.1 of Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation. Rhe research performed by the research organization as a service in situations when:

  • Research organization receives payment of an adequate remuneration,
  • The organization specifies the terms and the conditions of the service.

Within the projects of contract research, it is not only routine analyses using relevant analytical equipment, but the issues of industrial research particularly in brewing and malting are considered. These can be issues regarding production technological processes, raw material ingredients, its processing, seeking new methods for quality control, optimization of sensory quality, lifetime of products, processes regarding aging of beverages and food, mechanisms of physical and chemical effects on food quality, development of new products, etc.

In order to manage projects, RIBM benefits from the fact that plenty of experiments might be performed in laboratory as well as with technological equipment where real production processes can be simulated (experimental malt house, pilot scale and half scale brewhouse).

RIBM maintains confidentiality of information confided by the client within the realization of the orders. Should the situation require so, the confidentiality agreement is concluded to specify the disposal with confidential information of technical or economical manner.

Research manager

RNDr. Dagmar Matoulková, Ph.D.
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