Certification of cleaning agents


Research Institute of Brewing and Malting (RIBM) in compliance with the authorization of Czech Beer and Malt Association (CBMA) certifies quality of cleaning agents (see a code “Care about beer in gastronomy” – a document recommending conditions to store, draw and serve Czech beer; wording of the Code was passed by the 33rd General Meeting of CBMA on 22nd June 2006)

The cleaning agents here are considered to be agents used to wash beer pipelines in dispensing equipment and agents used to wash beer glass. Three main parts are considered while testing- efficiency, risk to beer, risk to staff and environment. The efficiency is assessed after removal of dirt appearing under real conditions. Risk to beer is assessed by the foam damage by the remains of detergents. Risk to staff and environment is assessed regarding the content and usage, it concerns the influence of single constituent of the detergent.

Head of Microbiological department

Ing. Petra Kubizniaková
+420 224 900 132