Public research

By the term “public research” is considered research, development and innovation funded by public sources - the state budget.

In the Czech Republic research, development and innovation funded by public sources are supported in the form of an institutional and a specific grant.

RIBM seeks both ways of grants to realize all its activities in areas of RDI.

Some examples of recent projects from public project competitions at RIBM:

GAČR (Czech Science Foundation) :

  • GA525/05/0781 Research on nutritional quality of young parts of plants of agricultural crops to develop ”green” food supplements and curative cosmetics, 2005 - 2007
  • GA525/06/0663 Monitoring of chemical changes in barley grain after an attack by pathogens to control and enhance the quality of barley and subsequent food product, 2006 – 2008
  • GAP503/12/1424 Anaerobic food spoiling bacteria and their biofilm forming potentialy, 2012 – 2014
  • GA14-10233S Humulus Lupulus L. - source of substances with antimicrobial effect, 2014 -2016

TAČR (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic) :

  • TA01011363 Research and development of sensor system for determination of diacetyl in beer, 2011 -2013
  • TA04021252 Development of the equipment for physical treatment of seeds and malt using low-temperature plasma, 2014 -2017
  • TE02000177 Centre for innovative use and strengthening of competitiveness of czech brewery raw materials and products, 2014 -2019
  • TH02030280 Spontaneous fermentation in wine production as a manageable technology, 2017 -2020
  • TN01000062 Biotechnological centre for plant genotyping, 2018 - 2020

MŠMT (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports):

  • 1M0570 Research Centre for Study of Extract Compounds of Barley and Hop, 2005 – 2011
  • MSM6019369701  Research of malting and brewing raw materials and technologies, 2005 -2011
  • 2B06037 Development of new methods for characterization of nonfermentable extract that allow identification and evaluation of composition of dextrins typical for Czech beer, 2006 -2010
  • 2B08022 Improvement of the brewery microbiological control system focused on lowering the risk of contamination of alcohol-free, low-alcoholic and unpasteurized beers by strictly anaerobic bacteria of the genus Pectinatus, 2008 -2011
  • 2B08049 Free and bound forms of fusarium mycotoxins in cereals and processed products, strategy of control and minimisation, 2008 -2011
  • 2B08057 Development of modern methods to authenticity assessment of "Czech beer", 2008 -2011
  • ED3.2.00/12.0236 Specialized library of Applied research in agriculture, 2013 -2015
  • EE2.3.35.0013 Partnership to support R&D popularization and further education in further popularization of technology transfer in the field of agriculture, food industry and bio-energyy, 2012 -2014
  • EE2.4.31.0026 Support of an innovation transfer in agriculture, food industry an bioenery 2012 -2014, (
  • LO1312 Sensory Research Centre in Prague and Brewhouse for research and development - sustainability and development, 2014 -2019

MZe (Ministry of Agriculture) :

  • QG50041  Quality and safety factors of food cereals, 2005 -2009
  • QG60130 Minor crops for specific food utilization, 2006 -2009
  • QH81056 Study of enzymatic activity for increasing biological potential of spring malting barley, 2008 – 2012
  • QH82277 Study of barley polyphenoloxidase diversity in relation to quality and production stability, 2008 -2012
  • QH91053  Improvement of barley grain quality using donors with differentiated content of natural compounds with ambivalent nutritional effects, 2009 -2011
  • QI101B090 New processes of production of functional cereal and dairy foods and functional bewerages with content of bioactive ingredients from selected vegetable and animal agricultural commodities and with probiotics and procedures for their guality estimation, 2010 -2014
  • QI111B053 New procedures in utilisation of agricultural products improving food quality, safety, competitiveness and consumer’s nutritional and health benefit, 2011 -2014
  • QI91B227 The importance of hop beta-acids for Czech beer, 2009 -2013
  • QJ1310091  Malting barley for the "Czech beer", 2013 -2017
  • QK1910197 The strategy for minimizing the impact of drought on sustainable production and barley malting quality, 2019-2023

MPO (Ministry of Industry and Trade):

  • 2A-2TP1/031  Technology research and preparation of a unique line for the fermentation of historical brewer's  yeast strains for an industrial use, 2007 -2011
  • FI-IM5/067 Research and development of technology susceptible to produce the beer for people with celiac disease (gluten free beer), 2008 -20110
  • FV30332 The modular technological platform for process control of beer production, 2018-2021

MK (Ministry of Culture)

  • DG16PO2R017 Viticulture and enology for maintaining and restoring cultural identity wine regions in Moravia, 2016 -2020
  • DG18P02OVV067 Culinary Heritage of the Czech Lands: Memory, Presentation and Education, 2018-2022

OP Praha Konkurenceschopnost (Operational Programme Prague Competitiveness)