Products, services, lease

Commercial services of non-research character are provided by VUPS services (VÚPS, servis a služby s.r.o.) as a daughter company of the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, which supports and guarantees expertly some of these activities.  These are e.g., the following activities.

Delivery of some products necessary for beer production (suitable for breweries, microbreweries, home production of beer) - mainly brewer’s yeast.

Consulting in the area of technologies in brewing and malting, and legislation.

The Research Institute is entitled to publishing and publishes a specialized reviewed magazine - Kvasný průmysl, as well as a number of non-periodic publications such as collections/ almanac, specialized and reference books.

Due to professionalism of the employees, their experience and the equipment of the Institute, it is possible to realize activities in sensory assessment of beverages (particularly beer) - e.g., competitions.

For sensory assessment, fully equipped premises of the sensory laboratory are leased, consumer’s tests for food assessment are organized.