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Research Institute of Brewing and Malting (RIBM) through its publishing house Kvasný průmysl publishes two journals as well a non-periodical publications.

The journal KVASNY PRUMYSL (ISSN 2570-8619 / Online) is a peer-reviewed open access journal published by Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, Plc., in Prague. The journal presents original scientific papers in various fields within food fermentations science and technology. The topics encompass the full spectrum of agricultural research, chemistry, biochemistry, mikrobiology and analytics.
Kvasný průmysl is indexed in Web of Science (ESCI), Agris, CAS, CAB Abstracts, DOAJ, EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) a Hollis.
Starting 2019, new editorial system was launched on http://www.kvasnyprumysl.eu where you can registrate and submitt your manuscript.

The journal Kvasny Prumysl was established in 1955. It continues in the tradition of the original journal Kvas founded in 1873. Journal Archive you can find here.

KVASNÝ (MK ČR E 4587, ISSN 2571-3868 / Print ) was specialized journal in the field of brewing and malting in the Czech Republic. Journal was published in Czech and Slovak in printed form only (2019-2022).

RIBM publishes also various non-periodical publications, focused mainly on highly specialized readers, experts in the brewing and malting. But also scientific-popular titles, in which readers interested in brewing and malting can find interesting and current information on beer, raws, other foodstuffs, and on the history of food and beer production in our country.

  • Brewing and malting dictionary - four languages: Czech, German, English and Russian
    • Significant extension: 920 pages, 5068 words, including terms on modern technologies
    • Dictionary eshop

Non-periodical publications

Ing.  Tereza Šulcová
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Editor-in-chief KVASNÝ PRŮMYSL (online)

Ing. Lucie Kyselová, Ph.D.
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Books and journal distribution - Brno

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