Microbiology - Seminars and Courses

prednaska - mikrobiologie

Department of microbiology of the VÚPS (RIBM) organizes seminars and training of personnel of brewery microbiological laboratories.

Training can take place in the RIBM boardroom in Prague or Brno or, by agreement, on appropriate client’s premises. Seminars are implemented on three levels, and can be combined or extended according to customer’s requirements.

Seminars have 3 basic levels which can be combined according to the demand of the customer.

The lectures and instructions are in Czech, interpreting is at extra cost.

Information - Head of Microbiology department:
Ing. Petra Kubizniaková
+420 224 900 132

I. A general microbiology seminar

Theoretical lectures on brewing microbiology. Lectures are presented by two lecturers.
  • brewer's yeast (morphology, taxonomy, assessment of viability and vitality)
  • overview of brewery contaminants, their harmfulness and methods of determination (lactic acid bacteria, enterobacteria, wild yeast, spore-forming bacteria, Pectinatus and other strictly anaerobic bacteria)
  • microbial production of harmful substances (precursors of nitrosamines, biogenic amines, their producers),  bacterium Legionella and associated risks
Duration: about 3 hours, min. number of participants 2
Venue: RIBM Conference Room Prague, Brno, or on customer’s premises after agreement.


II. Methods for determination of microorganisms in brewery laboratory

Lectures focused on the techniques of microorganism determination.


  • techniques used in microbiology laboratory (preparation of sterile glass, preparation of media, storage and sterilization of media and additives, processing of samples)
  • cultivation of microorganisms (cultivation media, culture conditions)
  • determination of microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, the total number of germs, cultural and wild yeast, molds, E. coli and coliform bacteria, Enterococcus, mesophilic and psychrophilic bacteria, acid bacteria, strictly anaerobic bacteria)
  • reproduction of results - in the case of the event at the RIBM in Prague the seminar can be supplemented by practical demonstrations of laboratory techniques
Duration: about 3 hours, min. number of participants 2
Venue: RIBM Conference Room Prague, Brno, or on customer’s premises after agreement.


III. Training of personnel of brewery microbiology laboratories - practical part

Practically oriented lectures for lab technicians in the brewery - laboratory techniques, yeast management,  control of brewery operations.

Lectures should be implemented on site in the brewery and should be supplemented by a demonstration of laboratory techniques or by brewery sampling operation.


  • microbiological laboratory in the brewery (equipment, laboratory techniques, preparation of sterile glass and equipment), yeast management (storage, propagation, control)
  • yeast management (storage, propagation, control)
  • checking of brewery operations (aseptic sampling, monitoring of individual sections of the operation - sampling points, sample volumes, evaluation)
  • checking the efficiency of sanitation (bioluminescence)
  • new methods of microorganism identification
Duration: about 4-5 hours, unlimited number of participants
Venue: Brewery.