Training for breweries

foto prednaska na kurzu Brewing Academy I

RIBM organizes trainings and courses for breweries and malthouses where their employees may in appropriately selected training modules refresh or gain new knowledge necessary for brewing and malting practice.

Schedule and content of the course is tailored to the needs of the client.

Examples of realized training modules:

Brewing Academy I

For production workers with elementary-intermediate knowledge in brewing-malting field (lasts 8 days) - raw materials for brewing, wort boiling, fermentation, secondary fermentation, microbiology in a brewery, filtration, bottling, stabilization and beer storage, sensory assessment of beer, final test. The participants get a certificate of training attendance.

Brewing Academy II

For advanced workers (10 days) - malt from A to Z, hop from A to Z, foaming and gushing of beer, microbiology in a brewery, how to correctly understand results of beer analyses, factors influencing sensory and colloid stability of beer, quality of beer in on trade and off trade, sensory analysis of beer for advanced listeners, brewing in the CZ in European development context, the present of Czech brewing.

Methodology of the training - problem based learning (PBL)

The seminary consists of theoretical lectures introducing basics of a certain issue. Project training follows the theoretical part of the training- program based learning (PBL), which is a method where listeners and the lecturer discuss the task.

Listeners trained with this method are better prepared for refreshing and completing information not only within the seminary itself, the method PBL practices the ability of a complex point of view and seeking information from various branches.

Head of Training programs and innovation:

Ing. Jaromír Fiala, Ph.D.
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