Research, development, innovations

Fundamental activity of  "Výzkumný ústav pivovarský a sladařský" (the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting) is research, development, innovation and knowledge dissemination.

Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, Plc., (RIBM) is the research and knowledge dissemination organization as it is in compliance with the definition stipulated by regulations of the EU (Commission Regulation (EU), No 651/2014, Article 2 (83)).

Main activities are focused particularly on the issues regarding Czech beer.

The Academic Council of the Institute, which is an advisory body of the Director, participates in forming and considering the concept of research and development. The Council consists of highly appreciated experts of science, academic field and industry.

Research activities are managed and coordinated by a Research manager, who supervises a Scientific Secretary.

Research manager

RNDr. Dagmar Matoulková, Ph.D.
+420 224 900 130

Scientific secretary

Ing. Alexandr Mikyška, Ph.D.
+420 224 900 160