Analyses and tests

The employees of the Institute do besides research also the quality control of raw materials and final products. Wide range of analyses are performed with high-tech equipment in the laboratories. Elementary qualitative parameters essential to the decision making in daily production are determined. Highly qualified experts work with modern technologies on special, often unique analyses.

The analytical testing laboratories in Prague and Brno are both accredited by Czech Accreditation Institute under ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025, no. 1309 and 1309.2.

Accredited subjects:
in Prague  -  determination of elementary qualitative parameters and content of contaminants in malt, beer, its ingredients and intermediates, beverages and other products,
in Brno   -  determination of analytical parameters in cereals and other grains, malt, malt products, beer and other beverages.
VÚPS, a.s. (RIBM, Inc.), is authorized to issue protocols regarding the tests by the regulation of the Ministry of Justice.
The analyses are acknowledged by control and hygiene authorities in the CZ and abroad where the results are forwarded solely to the Client.
Microbiological cleanliness is one of the priorities in food industry. The necessity to care about production microorganisms, yeast, is emphasized in the role of the microbiological department which possesses high position in the Institute, either in the meaning of scientific research or commercially. For this reason, the Institute may also perform quality control - certification of detergents used in the catering and beverage industry.

The Institute is equipped with unique pilot scale and half scale brewhouse technologies and equipment. As research and practice meet here, it allows the experts from the Institute to manage a whole range of technology operation tasks and issues in brewing as well as malting.

RIBM carefully maintains confidentiality confided by the client while order realization. Should the situation require, the agreement of confidentiality may be concluded to specify the disposal with confidential information of technical or economical character.

To its business partners, RIBM provides exclusive discounts for its commercial services.