anawrobni bakterie -růst

Microbiological cleanliness is one of the priorities in food industry. The necessity to care about production microorganisms, yeast, is emphasized in the role of the microbiological department which possesses high position in the Institute, either in the meaning of scientific research or commercially.

Department of microbiology offers a number of analyses and services, such as:

  • Elementary microbiological analysis of beer and its intermediates, raw materials
  • Assessment of homogeneity of yeast culture
  • Microscopic assessment of sediment in beer and determination of amount of yeast in unfiltered beer
  • Identification of lactic acid bacteria and yeast of genus
  • Assessment of efficiency of detergents and sanitary agents
  • Certification of detergents
  • Assessment of the physiologic condition of yeast (acidification power test)
  • Microbiological research of brewing operation focused on common contamination
  • Monitoring of anaerobic contamination in brewing operation
  • Training and consultancy in the area of microbiological control in brewing operation

Moreover, it is possible to manage the following:

  • Deposition of yeast strain and its contractual providing to a client

The experience of the employees and the equipment enable the preparation of clean culture of brewer’s yeast

  • In form or slent agar
  • In form of pitching wort (up to 5 l)

Detailed overview about possible deliveries of brewer’s yeast to beer production may be found in section Products, services, rent, part Brewer’s yeast.

The department of microbiology is located at the building
of Pivovarský ústav Praha (Brewing Research Institute) in Lípová 511/15, Prague 2.

Head of Microbiological department

Ing. Petra Kubizniaková
+420 224 900 132
Microbiological assistant
Ing. Katarína Hanzalíková
+420 224 900 142