Laboratory malt house

Mikrosladovna - mistnost


Laboratory micro malt house in Malting Institute in Brno is unique laboratory equipment for research and development of optimal malting procedures. Precise control of malting while satisfying all required conditions and high reproducibility enables objective assessment of food or malt quality of raw materials.

Micro malt house consists of single stainless boxes, where the first box is used only for steeping including aeration breaks, and the second box which enables germination and kilning of green malt.

The malt house is operated via a computer with a special program KOYO with visualization. While steeping there is a possibility to choose water temperature and steeping duration, duration and number of removing CO2 or aeration. While germination the air temperature is regulated, by special jets the air is moistened, and by valves it is possible to prepare ventilated air as a mixture of fresh and returned air. While kilning the air temperature under the kiln floor is maintained and monitored air temperature and its moisture over the kiln floor.

The malt house may be operated manually or fully automatically.

Its capacity is up to 16 kg of barley. To process it there are stainless vessels available in the extent of 0,250 kg to 8 kg of dried barley.

The samples of barley in the malt house are once a day manually turned and mixed to ensure the homogeneity of each sample. Whole process of malting is monitored and upon the wish of a customer a protocol of activities or records of temperature and air moisture may be printed.