Senzorically active compounds and health beneficial compounds

testovani piva, Sensorically active compounds

Sensorically active compounds influence, in positive or negative ways, the taste and aroma of beer. To these compounds belong esters (e.g., ethylacetate,  isoamylacetate, etc.), higher alcohols (ethylhexanol, furfurylalcohol), sulphuric compounds (dimethylsulphide), vicinal diketones (diacetyl, pentandion), and some other aldehydes and ketones (e.g., acetaldehyde, 2- a 3-methylbutanal, trans-2-nonenal). They originate either from raw materials or may be developed during technological processes (during hop boiling or fermentation). Its determination is considered to be a standard part of beer analyses.

Among health beneficial compounds, found in beer, can be found for example vitamins of group B, vitamin E or polyphenols.

Most analyses are performed in Analytical laboratory in Brewing Institute Prague, some in Analytical laboratory in Malting Institute Brno, or some analyses in both aforementioned.

Analytical laboratory Prague

Special analyses:
RNDr. Tomáš Vrzal, Ph.D. 
+420 224 900 150


Secretary - Sample Delivery:
+420 224 900 151

Analytical laboratory Brno

Special analyses:
Ing. Sylvie Běláková, Ph.D. 
+420 773 742 141


Secretary - Sample Delivery:
Jana Vaňková
+420 545 214 110