Residues of pesticides

postřik pesticidy

Pesticides are used to protect plants against harmful organisms (diseases, pest, weed). Considering the fact these are substances with significant acute or chronical toxicity, or some other harmful effects, it is necessary to monitor its volume in treated plant products, so health of a consumer is not at risk. Residues of selected risk pesticide groups are determined by modern instrumental methods HPLC/MS/MS, GLC/MSD/FPD/ECD/NPD.

The analyses of pesticides in malt and barley are performed in Malting Institute in Brno, analyses of pesticides in hop and beer in Research Institute at Prague.

Analytical laboratory in Brno

Ing. Sylvie Běláková, Ph.D. 
+420  773 742 141

Secretary - Sample delivery:
Jana Vaňková
+420 545 214 110

Analytical laboratory at Prague

RNDr. Tomáš Vrzal, Ph.D. 
+420 224 900 150

Secretary - Sample delivery:
+420 224 900 151