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Malt and sweet wort



The analyses of malt quality are an elementary prerequisite for a control and operation of technological processes both in a malthouse, as well as beer production. The statement of parameters of malt quality in the form of a protocol from an independent laboratory is presented as a confirmation of satisfying contractual obligations while malt trade.

Qualitative parameters of malt such as extract, relative extract at 45 °C, Kolbach figure, diastatic power, reachable degree of fermentation, friability, content of β-glucan in wort, etc., are determined. Further, analyses required by legislation are performed, e.g., volume of mycotoxins, residues of pesticides, etc.

 All standardly performed analyses are listed in the section Documents to download.

Most analyses are performed in Analytical laboratory of Malting Institute in Brno, some in Brewing Institute in Prague, or both aforementioned.


Analytical laboratory - Sladařský ústav v Brně
(Malting Institute in Brno
Basic Analyses of Barley and Malt (BABM)
Ing. Sylva Běláková, Ph.D. 
tel: +420 545 214 110 kl. 38
Raw Materials and Technologies (RMT)
Ing. Ivo Hartman, Ph.D. 
tel: +420 545 214 110 kl. 25
Analytical Laboratory  Pivovarský ústav Praha
(Brewing Institute Prague)
RNDr. Jana Olšovská, Ph.D. 
tel: +420 224 900 150
fax: +420 224 900 155
Analytical laboratory - Sladařský ústav v Brně
(Malting Institute Brno)
Secretary - Sample delivery
Jana Vaňková
tel: +420 545 214 110
fax: +420 545 321 225
Analytical aboraotry  Pivovarský ústav Praha
(Brewing Institute Prague)
Secretary - Sample delivery
Veronika Hriczová
tel: +420 224 922 111, 224 900 151
fax: +420 224 900 155