Brewery by-products

pivovarské mláto, Brewery by-products

Spent grain, malt culms and waste yeast are brewery by-products often used as feed for farm animals or production of some food products.

As substances contained in the by-products are part of the food chain, the breweries are obliged to monitor their contaminants, particularly aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 and heavy metals as lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury, and fluorine.

Nutrition parameters as leached extract and proteins are analyzed in spent grain.

Analyses are performed in Analytical laboratories in Pivovarský ústav Praha (Brewing Institute Prague) and in  Sladařský ústav Brno (Malting Institute Brno).

Analytical laboratory Prague

RNDr. Jana Olšovská, Ph.D. 
tel: +420 224 900 150

Secretary - Sample delivery:
Veronika Hriczová
tel: +420 224 900 151

Analytical laboratory Brno

Special analyses:
Ing. Sylva Běláková, Ph.D. 
tel: +420 545 214 110 kl. 38

Secretary - Sample delivery:
Jana Vaňková
tel: +420 545 214 110