Barley, other grains


VÚPS, a.s. (RIBM, Inc.)  performs plenty of analyses regarding barley and other grains.

These are e.g., micromalting tests of barley varieties, other grains, determination of basic and special malting parameters (mainly the activities of various groups of enzymes). Further, it offers the determination of mycotoxins and residues of pesticides v barley grain, malt, and other matrixes, and the determination of staidness of seeds of various plants. Regarding the professional focus and equipment, the cooperation may be extended further, out of the malting barley.

Should you be interested in a long-term and of higher volume cooperation, some other methods and tests of plant origin may be implemented and accredited.

The analyses are performed in Analytical Laboratory Malting Institute in Brno.

Basic Analyses of Barley and Malt (BABM)

Special Analyses (SA)

Ing. Sylva Běláková, Ph.D. 
tel: +420 545 214 110 kl. 38

Sample Delivery :

Jana Vaňková
tel: +420 545 214 110

Raw Materials  and Technologies (RMT)

Ing. Ivo Hartman, Ph.D. 
tel: +420 545 214 110 kl. 25