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Structure of the Institute


The organisational structure of RIBM is given on the scheme.Org_structure_RIBM_2012

In terms of the areas of research, development and services provided to clients (analyses, tests, consultancy) the individual departments are divided as follows:

- Barley – malt and plant products: laboratories of the Malting Institute in Brno,

- Beer, wort and beverages:  laboratories of the Brewing Institute in Prague.

Department of microbiology, which covers both these areas, resides at the Brewing Institute in Prague.

Some special analyses are performed in the analytical laboratories both in Prague and in Brno.

Consultancy on legislature matters in the field of brewing and malting in the Czech Republic and in the EU, and aid in introducing quality assurance systems are provided by the department of legislature  in Prague, Korunní street.

The  library and the  publishing  facility (editorial office of Kvasný průmysl) are located on the premises of the Brewing Institute in Prague.

The pages given below provide basic information on individual departments of the RIBM.

in Prague, Korunní street
1 Analytical Testing Laboratory – Malting Institute Brno
2 Analytical Testing Laboratory - Brewing Institute Prague
3 Technological department
4 Department of microbiology
5 Department of legislature