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Apart from research activities, the RIBM staff members are also engaged in checking the quality of raw materials and final products. RIBM laboratories perform a broad scale of analyses on top instruments and determine the basic quality parameters necessary for decision making in everyday practice. Highly qualified experts also carry out specialized and sometimes unique analyses.

Commercial services provided by the Institute are focused on the areas of beverage and food industries, but in many cases they reach far beyond these fields.

Analytical testing laboratories in the Prague and Brno branches of RIBM are accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025, items 1309  and 1309.2. The Prague branch is accredited for determination of basic quality parameters and the content of foreign substances in malt, beer, its raw materials and intermediates, beverages and other products. The Brno branch determines likewise analytical parameters in cereals and other grains, malt, malt products, beer and other beverages.

The results of the analyses are acknowledged by surveillance and public health bodies in the Czech Republic and abroad, and are passed solely to the client. RIBM is authorized to issue analysis certificates by a decree of the CR Ministry of Justice.

RIBM carefully protects confidential or privileged information obtained from the clients as part of placing the order for analyses. If needed, we can conclude with the clients an agreement on secrecy that specifies the manner of handling classified technical and economical data.

A detailed list of analyses provided by RIBM is given in section  Tests and analyses.

Microbiological control belongs to  the main priorities in the food-processing industry.  Daily care should be taken of  yeast in breweries. Microbiological department at the institute has always  provided  highly qualified services in this field  and it has taken part in the topic research. It is authorized in certifcation of cleaning agents suitable for restaurants and brewing industry.
The Institute is equiped with unique state of the art pilot plant devices.  Profound knowledge from the field of research, development and process of manufacture enable to unravel many technological tasks and problems.

Experts from the Institute are able to give  consultancies  concerning laboratory equipment ,  analytical methods suitable for a particular case. They can give helpful advices of laboratory praxis.

The Institute offers profitable reductions in prices for its regular business partners.
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