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Sensory analysis of beer

RIBM is an expert institution in the field of sensory evaluation of beer and organizes tasting workshops and exams of assessors.


Both the tests and the seminars are based on the Czech standard ČSN ISO 8586 „Sensory analysis – general guidance for selection, training and monitoring of assessors“ and on the chapter „Sensory analysis: selection and training of assessors“ of EBC analysis guidelines.


The courses are intended for workers in the brewing industry and in food quality control, and for university researchers but are accessible also to interested laymen.


Tasting  workshops

The theoretical part of the tasting seminars aims at introducing or extending the knowledge of the participants in the field of sensory properties of beer. The participants will learn about the origin of some flavors and aromas, about the technical conditions of beer tasting and the performance of sensory tests. In the practical part they will conduct different sensory tests and will learn to recognize and identify basic beer flavors and aroma.

Tasting workshop  is organized in two sessions, each of about 3.5 hours.


Exams  of assessors

Those who are interested in verifying their tasting abilities can apply for passing a tasting examination. On passing the exam successfully they will receive the RIBM certificate for authorized assessors of sensory properties of beer.



The persons interested in passing the exam are recommended to take part in the sensory workshop first.

Exams of assessors takes place in a single session and takes about 6 – 7 hours.

The terms of the workshops or exams depend on the number of applicants and are announced 3 weeks in advance.

The terms for large groups of participants can be arranged based on prior agreement




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