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The Specialized Library of Malt and Barley was established within solution of the project CZ.1.05/3.2.00/12.0236 Specialized Library of Applied Research in Agriculturem (SLARA)  of the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation (OP R & DI) at the RIBM’s workplace in Brno. This project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the State Budget of the CR.

The library collection contains namely professional monographs, periodicals, methods and research reports.

 The library electronic catalogue is kept in the CLAVIUS system.

The on-line library katalog - offers the access to the library databases (books, research reperts etc.)

Principal activities

The principal activity of the library is to collect and process professional information resources from the area of malting, barley growing and associated areas and to make these resources accessible for users.

Library Order of the Specialized Library of Malt and Barley of the RIBM is available in Downloads.


The library provides following services for workers of the RIBM, malt houses and breweries, breeding organizations, students, teachers and other  interested persons:

·      on-site borrowing of books
·      access to the internet

·      reprographic and other and other copying services
·      access to the o
electronic information recources

The library is equipped with computers and a copy machine.

The electronic information resources  (EIZ) are in the study, library available thanks to the  SLARA project. These resources are introduced in a booklet "Nebojte se EIZ - Do not be afraid of EIZ". This booklet as well as a leaflet informing about the SLARA project can be found in the  SLARA Project– Library Brno  Dokuments to download.

Current prices of services are posted in the library.

Open for public:  Friday  9:00 - 12:00,  12:30 - 15:00
Due to the limited capacity of the library and the reading room, it is necessary to arrange a visit always beforehand on the telephone number 545214110.

Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, Plc, Brno workplace
Mostecká 7
CZ-628 00 Brno
tel.: +420 545 214 110
fax: +420 545 321 225

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