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Welcome on the pages of the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, PLC (RIBM), one of the oldest European research organizations in this field founded in 1887

The main aim of RIBM is to acquire new knowledge in the field of brewing and malting and promote its use in production practice. Its activities contribute to elucidating the basic factors determining the properties of malt and beer. It also plays an indispensable part in development and verification of new techniques and technologies that should increase the efficiency and quality of production while preserving the characteristic features of Czech beers given historically by the specific way of their production.

Current research proceeds increasingly as a multidisciplinary activity. Industrial production adjusts dynamically to the situation on the market and important pieces of knowledge are rapidly transferred to other fields. The activities of RIBM are thus not strictly limited to barley, malt and beer. Analyses and tests conducted in accredited laboratories of the RIBM can be used in a number of other areas. The institute is fully capable of addressing research and development projects for beverage industry and for other branches of food industry and agriculture (with special reference to plant products).

We hope that you will find on our pages all information that you look for. You can browse them by using the keys of the top and left main menu which are arranged in the following way.

The upper menu offers data concerning the characteristics, structure and organization of the institute. The photo gallery shows some parts of the instrumentation and institute premises. The menu also contains some documents that can be readily downloaded, and answers to frequently asked questions concerned with malt and beer.  Current events contain recent information about seminary, training courses and other events organized by the institute, about freshly published books, selection procedures, etc.

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The left Main menu contains all information concerned with the practical everyday activities of the institute. It provides a survey of commercial services (analyses, tests, and consultancy), products for beer brewing and detailed information about the research and development projects conducted by the institute. The library of the institute is available also for the wide public. The RIBM publishing house publishes the profession-oriented peer-reviewed journal Kvasný průmysl and a number of books.

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