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Each year, seven all-state beer contests take place in the Czech Republic .

Since 1994 RIBM has not organized any of these contests but has taken part as an expert referee.

If required to, the long-term experience of RIBM staff members in this field allow them to completely organize the technical part of the contest tailored according to the client’s wishes, from the rules to the methodology of result evaluation.  The contact person for this type of activity is Mgr. F. Frantík, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , tel. +420 603 431 322.

Beer contests have for years taken place at about the same time of the year. Their chronological list is given below.

Zlatý pohár PIVEX - (PIVEX Golden Cup) has been organized since 1992 by promotion agency SNIP & Co and by Brno Trade Fairs. The expert referee is RIBM. The contest is two-round, the first round taking place in November of the previous year and the second in January/February.   The results are announced on the eve of the SALIMA Fair at the beginning of March.

Česká pivní pečeť - (Czech Beer Seal) started in 1991 and takes place every year on the occasion of the Representative Beer and Mineral Water Festival in Tábor in January/February. It is organized by the REVEL Production agency – Alois Srb, Tábor.  It has for a long time been the most frequented beer contest in the Czech Republic with the participation of foreign beers.

Jarní cena českých sládků - (Spring Czech Brewer’s Prize) is destined solely for minibreweries. Founded in 2007, it is organized by Pivas, Ltd. (former publisher of the Pivní kurýr (Beer Courier) journal) and takes place on the first March Sunday in the Zvíkovské podhradí brewery.

České pivo 20xx - (Czech Beer 20xx) is the only official contest organized by the Czech Union of Breweries and Malthouses. It was launched in 2001and RIBM serves on it as expert referee. It is again two-round, the first round taking place in April and the second in June. The results are announced at the Saint Wenceslas festival at the end of September.

Pivo České republiky - (The Beer of the Czech Republic) takes place in July since 1997 on the České Budějovice exhibition grounds. It is organized by the REVEL Production agency – Alois Srb, Tábor and České Budějovice Exhibition Grounds, Ltd. The contest is open also for foreign beers

Dočesná - (Hop Harvest Festival) is organized by the Hop Institute, Ltd., in Žatec and takes place during the festival in August/September.

CEREVISIA SPECIALIS - PIVNÍ SPECIÁL ROKU  is oriented specifically on special and unusual beer types produced in the Czech Republic. It takes place in mid-September and is organized by PORT, a.s.o., and RIBM is an expert referee.

The reviews of the results of beer contests in the last several years are available as pdf files in the Downloads section: