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We do not give here the many links to popular search engines, various social networks, blogs, internet shops, cultural programs or bus or train timetables. Though these kinds of information are very important and highly popular, we believe you have your own favorites in this context and we shall rather turn your attention to links and reference sources concerned with professional information (science, research, technologies, especially those concerned with food production) or information items closely connected with brewing and malting. (Links are related particularly to Czech enviroment.)

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Webs concerning beer and drinks 
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beer as a hobby
  • Svět piva - internetový magazín skloňující pivo ve všech pádech
  • Svět-piva - nejde o překlep, ale o obdobný magazín jiných autorů
  • Pivovary.info - nejrůznější informace a zajímavosti o pivovarech a pivu
  • Pivní.info -   o "pivních událostech" , zajímavostech kolem piva,

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