High-tech equipped analytical testing laboratories in Prague and Brno perform a wide range of analyses. Both labs are accredited under ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025


Two experimental breweries enable to perform the experiments - verification of procedures in pilot and half scale brewhouse conditions (50 and 300 litres). They are highly automatized and they are ones of the most innovated experimental breweries in Europe


Laboratory micro malt house (capacity up to 16 kg) in Malting Institute in Brno is unique laboratory equipment for research and development of optimal malting procedures. It enables objective assessment of food or malt quality of raw materials.


Research Sensory Centre consists of two laboratories, sensory and analytical ones. Together with analytical and technical equipment of RIBM it makes a unique unit suitable for complex industrial research and development in the area of food industry focusing on beer and other beverages.


Department of microbiology performs a number of analyses and services from the area of technological microbiology. It maintaines the Collections of Microorganisms registered under the code name RIBM 655.


RIBM in compliance with the authorization of Czech Beer and Malt Association (CBMA) certifies quality of cleaning agents and detergents for brewing glasses and pipes (see a code “Care about beer in gastronomy).



In the retraining course Brewing and malting work the participants acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for brewing and malting.

Sample Description

The participants of the tasting seminars (I and II) acquire or extend their knowledge and ability for sensory assesment of beer. On passing the exam they receive the RIBM certificate for authorized assessors of sensory properties of beer

The courses and training of personnel of brewery microbiological laboratories take place in the RIBM seminar rooms in Prague or Brno or, by agreement, at appropriate client’s premises.

RIBM organizes trainings and courses for breweries and malthouses where their employees may in appropriately selected training modules refresh or gain new knowledge necessary for brewing and malting practice.

The Institute organizes or participates in the organization of specialized conferences and seminaries particularly in the area of brewing and malting. Not only on a national level but also internationally.


One of the activities of RIBM is sale of yeast for breweries and microbreweries. Apart from pressed yeast (strain RIBM95) the Institute offers many other strains (in form of slant agar or in form of pitching wort) suitable for various types of beer.

The publishing house publishes a profession-focused journal Kvasný Průmysl and various non-periodical publications such as collections, technical and technical-popular books.


A long-standing experience with competition organization enables people from RIBM to prepare and fully organize technical matter of the competition upon the requirements of a customer, from rules and method of assessment to the competition itself.

The equipment of the laboratory enables to perform sensory assessment of not only beverages, but basically all food. The laboratory may be leased to test own products or to perform various consumer’s tests.