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Hopped Wort Concentrate


RIBM is the manufacturer and supplier of a patent-protected hopped wort concentrate for beer production.

Wort concentrate is a brewery hopped wort concentrated in a special way and produced in the form of a powder.

It can be used for producing quality beer in both industrial scale breweries and at home.

Wort concentrate as a raw material

The wort concentrate is a raw material for beer production. Wort concentrates produced in other countries throughout the world are worts concentrated before hopping that are produced in different degrees of concentration, i.e. from „honey-like“ to a tougher paste consistency.

The patented RIBM concentrate is wort concentrated by special physical methods and dried. It therefore represents a real final output product from the brewery brewing house; its unique feature is its powdery consistency.

The wort for the production of this concentrate is produced by the classical two-mash method from top quality raw materials – selected malts from the Moravian growing region and the world famous hop - the Saaz hops. The concentrate is therefore suitable for the production of top quality Czech beers of the Pils type (lager).

Advantages of beer production from the wort concentrate over the production from basic raw materials:

  • The experience and expertise of the producer ensures the specificity and standard quality of the malt concentrate and thereby also the standard quality of the produced beer;
  • Considerable lowering of investment costs for new breweries and for breweries after reconstruction. Relative to the costs of production from basic raw materials the brewery saves the expenditures for malt intake, malt mill, crushed malt scales, or classical brewery,
  •  Less strict demands for the expertise of the personnel operating technological devices;
  • Easy handling and low transport costs per unit extract dry weight (bags, pallets, barrels), high content of extract dry weight and negligible amount of transported water; 
  • Simple customs clearance; the concentrate does not contain alcohol; 
  • Low demands for climatic conditions during transport;
  • Low energy demands of beer production – absence of malt purchase, cleaning, crushing, mashing and wort boiling and energy-consuming wort cooling, the wort concentrate is readily soluble in cold tap water and is then only pitched;
  • With the same or better beer quality the time saving represents ca. 85% of work time relative to classical wort production from basic raw materials;
  • Beer production is environmentally saving – absence of spent grains and dregs, which otherwise have to be disposed of, and associated lower ecological load of wastewater; 
  • Dust production in malt crushing and handling of crushed malt is absent;
  • RIBM provides complex technical and technological services;
  • Easy production of a wide range of beer types;
  • The possibility to produce „own live“ (yeast beer) beer at home, in a summer cottage, etc.
 Owing to the simplicity of handling and production the interest in this product has been steadily increasing in many countries (Australia, Canada, Island, Japan, Peru, USA, Russia, Vietnam, New Zealand)
Special wort concentrates

In addition to the traditional wort concentrate for production of lager beers (Pils) we can also produce on order special concentrates for production of wheat beer known (e.g. the Hefe Weizenbier popular in Germany), dark beer or specially flavored beers.

These special wort concentrates are produced only for bulk purchasers.